Youth Group

At Newport Assembly of God our vision is to introduce students to Christ and lead them into a deeper relation with our Savior. Each Wednesday evening, we take time to share life experience with one another though ice breakers and conversation, followed by prayer and a relevant study pertaining to the challenges students face daily and God’s promises to each of us.

In addition, we are committed to several events throughout the year. We will attend the Penndel Youth Convention in Hershey, Winter Jam at the Bryce Jordon Center, and several smaller events to include bon fires, bowling, and concerts.

If you have students 12 to 18 years of age, you are welcome to visit our Wednesday evening youth group. We encourage students to arrive at 7:00 PM for fellowship and we begin group at 7:15PM and run through 8:30PM. Thank you for considering Newport Assembly of God as an option for your student’s spiritual growth.