Parent Survey

In an effort to cintinue to offer you the best childcare possible, we ask you to take a minute to read over and complete this survey. These questions are just a starting point. Feel free to add any other information you feel we need to know to maintain the quality of care you are receiving or improve it. All suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thank you for you time.

Please rate each category listed below *
Please rate each category listed below
1. The program proactively communicates with me on a regular basis.
2. My calls, emails or notes are replied to promptly.
3. The staff is helpful with answering questions.
4. I receive formal written reports about my child's developmental progress at the program.
5. I receive program newsletters that are informative and helpful.
6. My child's teacher regularly communicates with me about my child.
7. I have a good relationship with my child's teacher.
8. I am please with the amount and type of communications I have with my child's teacher.
9. I feel confident my child's teachers takes good care of my child.
10. My child's teacher helps my child grow and develop in a nurturing and supportive environment.
11. Parent/Teacher conferences help my understand how my child is progressing.
12. Parent/Teacher conferences give me ideas to implement at home.
13. I feel at est at parent/teacher conferences.
14. I feel my child's teacher really listens to me at the parent/teacher conferences.
15. Parent/Teacher conferences are a positive experience.
16. The facility is clean.
17. The facility has more than enough age-appropriate learning toys and books.
18. The hours of the program are convenient.
19. The outdoor play area(s) are safe and inviting to children.
20. The meals prepared for my child are healthy.
21. Meals respect my child's special dietary restrictions or needs.
22. When I first signed up, the Family Handbook was carefully explained to me to make sure I was aware of and understood the program policies.
23. The staff did a good ob giving me a tour of the facility so I could see where my child would learn, play and be cared for and what I should do for proper drop-off and pick-up.
24. I feel that program policies are clean, snesible and consistently applied.
25. I have many opportunities to participate in the program such as volunteering in the classroom, on field trips, fundraising, etc.
26. The program offers opportunities to learn and improve parenting and other child related skills.
27. I feel that my child's program encourages the involvement of families.
28. I feel welcome at the program.
29. I feel respected at the program and that my contributions are valued.
30. I feel the program respects and celebrated cultural values of my family.
31. I feel my child benefits from the program.
32. My child enjoys the program.
33. I would recommend the program to other parents.
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