Programs Offered:

“Infant Room” -  (6 Weeks – 15 mo. or walking)

The children enrolled in this program are from six weeks to walking. Our program accommodates a maximum of eight infants at a time. Our infant program is structured around the individual needs of each child.  We make no effort to force an infant to adapt to a center schedule.  Each child's routine is given to the teachers, and is updated by the parents as their child changes and grows. Our program encourages each child’s individual development by observing what stage they are currently at and working on a lesson plan as to what should come next according to “PA Early Learning Standards.”

  • $220.00 / week

  • $46.00 / day


"The Waddlers" - (15 months to 24 months)

At this age, a child is developing a wide range of skills at an astonishing rate. Levels of independent mobility will typically progress from “Waddle” walking to running. Additional fine and gross motor skills developed during this stage include balancing on one foot, kicking a ball, building a block tower and walking up stairs. Our facility, equipment, toys and even the teachers are adjusted to be age-appropriate and challenging but always fun, inspiring and in an atmosphere of constant accomplishment. Our instructors shower the children with affection, as they guide our Waddlers in early social skills and introduce Bible stories.

  • $200.00 / week

  • $42.00 / day


"The Toddlers" - (2 years or older by September 1)

In the 2-year-old class, our goal is for a positive experience at school. This is a time when children often learn how to separate from their parents for the first time and bond with teachers. Children make friends and start interactive play while learning the basic Bible stories and the idea of an informally scheduled day.

  • $190.00 / week

  • $40.00 / day


“K-3”  (3 years or older by September 1)

During your child’s year in The Dalmatians class they will become increasingly independent. They will develop a heightened sense of self awareness and empathy towards others as they develop biblical morals and social skills while learning how to function in a group. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings during the school year are dedicated to Pre-school; beginning academic knowledge, learning about feelings, socialization, and cooperative play.

  • $180.00 / week . This includes the preschool class which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. during the school year.

  • Preschool only is $28.00 / day.

  • $38.00 / day Minimum of 2 days


“K-4” (4 years or older by September 1 )

In the K-4 classroom, we help to prepare children for Kindergarten by supporting their development, academically, socially, and spiritually while providing a structured, rewarding experience of learning and fun. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 8-11, during the school year, we focus on academic skills needed for kindergarten while Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the afternoons the emphasis is placed on building social and communication skills.

  • $180.00 / week . This includes the preschool class which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. during the school year.

  • Preschool only is $28.00 / day.

  • $38.00 / day Minimum of 2 days


“SACC” - (School Age Child Care) - Newport School District

This class offers fun, safe and educational care for 5-12 year-olds before school, after school and during school vacations. This group has devotion time in the mornings before going to school, snack time after school and lots of outdoor play. Along with their regular summer activities, they go to the pool weekly and have several field trips in the summer.

  • $120.00 / week; $27.00 / day - before and after school care.

  • $75.00 / week; $17.00 / day - before school care only

  • $85.00 / week; $20.00 / day - after school care only


School Closings / Cancellations

  • $4.00 / hour for school delays or early dismissals

  • $36.00 / full day school cancellation (includes lunch and 2 snacks)


Summer Rates

  • $170.00 / week

  • $38.00 / day